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Deep Clean

Deep Clean Service Details

We understand, that a deep clean this is where we can show our skills off, there is nothing better than getting to grips with extra grime, it’s very satisfying looking back on what you have achieved, leaving our clients happy with the results, a deep clean does mean a deep clean, nothing is left untouched!

A deep clean does take more time to complete and does use more products but using the best high-grade products does make our job easier and give the best-desired results that you want. We have noticed - more deep cleans being performed nearer important events in our clients lives - such as Christmas, Easter, end of the school holidays. Some of our clients like it being done every 6 months or an end of a tenancy - house move.

References are available both from our customers or landlords upon request.

This Service Includes:

  • Kitchen – Cupboards, draws & worktops are cleaned inside and out. Zoflora can be used as it is a disinfectant and it will also leave a fresh feel plus a fragrant smell.
  • All white goods – fridge, washer, dryer, freezer & microwave. All to be washed out with anti-bac and buffed for a streak-free finish.
  • Sink and draining board - depending on sink type either Cif, Pink stuff or Stainless-steel cleaner to be used. A spritz of Zoflora to be applied then buffed to a shine.
  • Oven fronts/ hobs/ extractor hoods – degreased with degreaser. If Stainless steel some baby oil can be used to give a lovely shine. Stainless-steel cleaner can also be used.
  • Tables and chairs – will all be hygienically wiped down, buffed down and left streak-free.
  • All bins throughout to be hygienically washed out, leaving them germ-free and smelling fresh. Zoflora may be used as this is antibacterial.
  • Hallways and landing - All units to be polished with the correct product i.e: polish or wax. The multi-surface can be used if painted.
  • Bathrooms & additional washrooms - all hand basins & baths to be cleaned with bathroom cleaner. Toilets to be Bleached OR Harpic toilet cleaner is used at the owner’s discretion. All bottles to be carefully wiped down and replaced label facing forward
  • Showers/ taps & tiles - to be lime scaled rinsed off then buffed to shine.
  • Extractor fans - to be made dust-free.
  • Bedrooms – Furniture to be moved if possible and cleaned behind, then polished. Glass cleaner can be used on the glass-topped units. The multi-surface can be used if painted.
  • Bedmaking service – On request. If clients can strip beds, we will make them up, leaving them neat and tidy.
  • Stairs, balustrades, newel post - wiped down with and polished with perfection.
  • Furniture in all rooms – To be pulled out, wiped down. also, clean underneath if possible. To be polished with the correct product ie polish or wax multi-surface can be used if painted.
  • Sofas and chair cushion’s – Removed hoovered or wiped down. Hoover, wipe down the base of sofas and chairs.
  • Windows and mirrors - Throughout the house, they are to be cleaned every month unless stated otherwise. They can be clean with water & a damp cloth, then buffed or cleaned with glass cleaner. The preferred choice of the client.
  • Lights and fittings – To be carefully wiped down. A weak solution of zoflora can be used. When lights are switched on a nice aroma will be smelt.
  • Door handles - Disinfectant spray to be used.
  • Floors throughout – Hoovered in every room. A corner tool is to be used for edges and corners. All hoovers have fresheners in them. This will leave your rooms smelling lovely.
  • Steaming or mopping - On compatible flooring leaving floors sanitized.
  • De-cobwebbing - Everywhere is to be de cobwebbed including light fittings.

Please note:

• We understand - every clean is different and we will adjust accordingly to each client’s needs.

• We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

• Cleaning is by appointment only. If we are unable to gain access to the home or are turned away at the time of cleaning, there could be a service canceling fee.

Products and Staff:

High Quality Products

We will only use high quality, professionally tested products available in the market to ensure all your surfaces are safe from any damage and clean.

Our Staff

We take pride in knowing that our clients are given the best cleaners to assist in cleaning their office, commercial or household premises to a brilliant shine.

Staff Training

Training is taken very seriously - we only want the best for our customers, and we believe our training covers all necessities to ensure that our staff is ready.

Our Promise

We will be reliable, honest and local to you - we're here, and we will leave your premises clean and sparkling!